3 Days More for Sumba Expedition 2015! I am so thrilled!!

Hoi everyone!


It had been fantastic days so far in my life. I was away to North Sumatra for 2 weeks, after deciding to stop from my work. And here I am now, in an internet café next to Maimun Palace, Polonia, Medan. I am trying to write an article cause I don’t know what else to do in this city, Medan, except fill my hungry stomach with their perfect culinary. And yes, I gained a lot of weight cause their delicious food! My flight to Jakarta will be on 3 pm, so I still have plenty of time before going to Kuala Namu Airport.

3 Days More for Sumba Expedition 2015! I am so thrilled!!-001Lake Toba, North Sumatra.


I decided to go to North Sumatra to visit a remote village in Lake Toba called Silimalombu, finding the hometown of the birth of my parents in Kampung Sihotang, Samosir and Pematang Siantar, seeing our “ancestors” the Orang Utan in Bukit Lawang, and finally visit Weh Island in Sabang, Aceh, where also located the Zero Kilometer sign of Indonesia, which mean the very west point of Indonesia! Never in mind that I will stand there but it was it!! I was holding Indonesia’s flag, and put a happy face for able being there.

3 Days More for Sumba Expedition 2015! I am so thrilled!!-002

But the awesome part is to realizing that in 3 days, I will be in Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara! WOOWWW! That day is really happening soon. Month ago, a friend told me about Expedition Sumba 2015 Competition. I never been to Sumba, I also read the cause of the Expedition which grab my interest. Since I decided to give myself more to people, why not starting that by giving my good intention to help Sumba people? And surprisingly, they chose me as a part of Indonesia team, and yeah, I am the only female in the team. Kind of cool, huh? 😉 For me personally, it can be such a great experience. Like one in a million!


Why do they need our help?

Sumba, is a part of East Nusa Tenggara province, the 5 poorest provinces in Indonesia. People there not yet apply for the modern technology in their daily life. Oh, don’t expect modern technology, even for electricity, they don’t have it. It was surprised me when knowing the fact. Since I always raised with electricity in hands, I can’t imagine how to live every minutes of it without electricity.

So what does the relation between the Competition and Sumba’s condition?

Expedition Sumba 2015 (Sumba Expedition) is an activity hold by Hivos Foundation. They have a purpose to make Sumba as Iconic Island by 2020, using 100% Renewable Energy for Sumba’s people. Sumba has lots of potential of renewable energies, let says they have huge amount of sun lights cause it is an island and can be so dry and full of heat. Then in some part of Sumba, they also have strong wind. Huge amount of water and huge amount of animals poop. True. It wasn’t a kidding. Each family in Sumba tend to have lots of animals such as pigs, cows, goats, chicken, and else. It causes a lot of amount of poop in the area, which actually can be their benefit if Hivos Foundation changes it into bio gas, contains with methane and CO2.

Jogjakarta-For-A-Weekend-Dea_Sihotang (15)


We will spend 10 days for the trip. On 31st of December we will meet the Dutch team, cause in total, the team will be around 20 people. 4 from Indonesia, 4 from the Netherlands and 12 are crews (photographers, journalist, Hivos’s representatives, translator, etc etc). Our purpose of the expedition not merely a leisure journey, instead, we will become a representatives of the “city” people that live without electricity in the next 10 days, hanging out with local, know them more, exchanging what we know and learn from them, in the end, we will become your eyes, ears, hands, minds to knowing more about Sumba and raise the awareness to the world and perhaps can help Sumba to have a better life.


After the trip, we will do crowdfunding, because we have a heart to light one elementary school in Sumba with bunch of electricity. When in 2015, that mostly normal school has computer, electricity to do their stuff, to help them understanding the knowledge more, this elementary school, is out of reach those possibility because they have no electricity, BUT, it is not impossible, if we utilize the renewable energy potential they have into a benefit for them. Moreover, renewable energy has so much good effect for human’s life. The fossil fuel will finally finish. The conventional energy soon will be declining. We need to think more for our generations. How will they live in the next 10, 20, 30 years? IF, Sumba Iconic Island can be successfully done, there is more possibility that it also can be applied to another area in Indonesia. The impact will not only for children, but also for the whole villages in general. Sure they can have a better life if they have electricity.


When the judges from Sumba Expedition asked me why I wanna join this expedition, I simply say, I wanna the world know that there is a good thing happening in Indonesia. In Sumba.

3 Days More for Sumba Expedition 2015! I am so thrilled!!-004

So now, 3 days more for the expedition in Sumba started. I can’t wait!

Keep an eyes for our adventures if you wanna become a part of this good cause for Sumba.
Want to know more about this activity, you can see in http://www.supportsumba.org.


Dea Sihotang





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