The Memorable Charm of Semau Island, East Nusa Tenggara

“Go exploring and we will see more than we can imagine…”

Maybe that’s really a great advise and so true.


That day we decided to go to Semau island. It’s a small island can be reached by boat from Kupang for 30 minutes journey. The boat price is 50,000 rupiah per-motorbike with the passengers. It is important to bring motorbike from Kupang since in Semau there is no motorbike rental over there.

The-Memorable-Charm-of-Semau-Island-NTT (2)
On our way to Semau island with Travel Bloggers Indonesia.

We were came a bit late, cause we need to fix for the motorbike first, but around 10 in the morning, we drove straightly to the port. First we need to go to Tenau port to take boat from there the Onan Batu, the Semau port where we need to start our journey. Arrived in Semau, we greeted by pak Boy, the local guide to bring us around the island.

The-Memorable-Charm-of-Semau-Island-NTT (1)
The Kupang’s port. Place where we departed to Semau island.
The-Memorable-Charm-of-Semau-Island-NTT (3)
8 Motorbikes in one wooden boat! Can’t imagine that it was fit and we are not shrinking!

Semau is really a small island and not so much inhabitants live in the island. Only 8,097 people in 143, 42 km2 of the total area of the island. In some areas you can see there nothing there except one vast dry land, while in sight far away, there is an area with some houses exist.


Road in Semau is not well asphalted yet. In fact, many of them are created by some rough stones and limestones. Even on our back to the port after visited some beaches, there is a road closed because they want to fix it and we got trapped by long road with such a big sharp rocks as the surface. Thank God there were none of our motorbikes have flat tire otherwise we will have so much problems that time since to repair the tires will be so far away and we need to push the motorbike all the way. Be prepared with the dusty roads most of the time. If you can’t stand with the ashes, please use the nose mask to make you feel comfortable.

The-Memorable-Charm-of-Semau-Island-NTT (9)
Road in Semau can be so challenging.
The-Memorable-Charm-of-Semau-Island-NTT (11)
Sometimes, no matter where you look, it is only a huge dry land in front of you…
The-Memorable-Charm-of-Semau-Island-NTT (10)
In dry season, land can be so cracked.

Semau island is really a quiet island. No noise and not crowded at all. It is a new paradise and heaven to those who want to have an unattained desirable quiet vacation. Even Semau island known as a mystic island, but opposite with the people. Some people who saw our coming usually stop from what they do and looking to us with such a strange look. Probably they were thinking “what are those people doing in my island?” But they also happily replied to our “hellowww” or try to greet us by waving their hands with smile on face. What a friendly people!


During the normal days, Semau can be so hot. So don’t forget to apply sunblock to your body if you don’t want to get sun-burn. In Semau, we visited some beaches and lovely places. Lovely cause the places mostly are still so natural, no one there and just so so raw without any facility for tourist. Don’t ask about the beach, because it is so clear until you can see the reef under the water and you can clearly see the gradation colors of the water. It is very nice to swim in the beach and the sands are soooo white and clean.


Otan Beach

The-Memorable-Charm-of-Semau-Island-NTT (7)
One of local people carrying seaweed in Otan beach.

Otan beach was our first destination. It has so nice blue water to swim. Not so much strong current and water was felt soooo nice.

Uitiuh Tuan Beach

The-Memorable-Charm-of-Semau-Island-NTT (12)Our second beach. So excited when we see this view even we haven’t arrived yet!

The-Memorable-Charm-of-Semau-Island-NTT (15)
Uitiuh Tuan Beach. Beautiful, clean and still so natural.
The-Memorable-Charm-of-Semau-Island-NTT (19)
So instagramable place in here! As you see, this hole looks like my private pool. So nice, right?

Wetebu Beach

The-Memorable-Charm-of-Semau-Island-NTT (17)
This is a place for salt. Local use this shell to dry the sea water and make salt.
The-Memorable-Charm-of-Semau-Island-NTT (13)
A peek of Wetebu beach which is sooo beautiful!


Liman Hill

Located inside of the forest, from here we can see the view of whole side of the island.

The-Memorable-Charm-of-Semau-Island-NTT (4)
Way to Liman hill. Struggling to drive the motorbike with this kind of road.
The-Memorable-Charm-of-Semau-Island-NTT (18)
So we prefer to walk then.
The-Memorable-Charm-of-Semau-Island-NTT (5)
Liman hill. Where we can see the whole side of the island.
The-Memorable-Charm-of-Semau-Island-NTT (6)
Under is another beautiful beach. Waves look so strong that time.

Staying in the island is still impossible to do because no hotel facility exist. If you wanna stay, either you need to stay with the local, which it means you need to adapt with the local’s house situation and don’t complain if they don’t have any toilet because clean water is so difficult to get in the island, or you need to sleep on the floor. Or you bring your own tent and do the camping. But it is suggested to tell the local if you want to do camping in the island or probably report to the local leader. Otherwise, if you want to do the day trip and see the spectacular sunset in Liman hill, as we did, you need to make agreement with the boat to take you back to Kupang in the evening, cause you probably will arrive again in the port around 8 or 9 pm.

The-Memorable-Charm-of-Semau-Island-NTT (14)
View to way back to the port…

I wish in the future, Kupang’s tourism department will look more to develop the island and build the tourist facility and fix the roads, so more and more people can see Semau island, which also will be a good benefit for the people themselves and local revenue.

The-Memorable-Charm-of-Semau-Island-NTT (20)
Together with Travel Bloggers Indonesia and ASITA NTT.

Thank you so much Asita NTT for brought us to this charming island! The journey was so memorable and was had so much fun even we were so tired that time 😉



Dea Sihotang




    • Hai pak Dayat, duh maafkan pak, sekarang ini aku sedang di pulau Rote. Apakah Januari-Februari bulan yang tepat untuk saya kesana? Terima kasih banyak ya pak, oia hp saya di curi, jadi saya sms nomor hp saya yang baru ya. Salam, Dea Sihotang


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