A Homesick that I Can’t Avoid

Atambua-Deasihotang - Copy

Today we should go to explore another side of Atambua with a local people, but I had a feeling already that we will not go today. That’s because my body gave me an alarm to chill out, relax and do nothing today. Just give myself a rest before hitting the new places again.


Atambua itself really beyond my imagination before. As a part of Indonesia that far away from Kupang, the capital city of East Nusa Tenggara, I thought Atambua will be more quiet and less developed than the places I went before. After Kupang, SOE, TTU (Timor Tengah Utara) and some remote area such as Boti village and Fatumnasi ; I find Atambua is really a well developed small city, even yes, you can’t find a mall here, but at least they have each store that people probably need here. For example, yesterday I saw a skin care in the city! Yep, a skin care!!! I definitely wanna go rush to that place and have a-me-time while treating my skin good. Umm, my skin is so terrible dry now, ahh, I don’t wanna talk about it.


After almost two months non-stop being away from my warm house in Jakarta and moving from one place to another, I can say that’s pretty hard to keep my energy up. All the different and conditions drained my energy so much no matter how I try to keep my soul joy. The result is, today I don’t want to do anything. It just like Bruno Mars song, “Today, I don’t feel like doing anything.” Yep, thanks for singing it, Bruno!


I don’t miss Jakarta for sure. That big city now sounds so strange for me. But I miss some people who live there who knows my craziness and accept me the way I am. I miss just doing nothing in my bedroom, while fill myself with all the non-sense comic books, Lucky Luke, Tintin or those Japanese manga. I miss walking my dogs and let them running happily in searching of frogs. Oh, I don’t wanna sound complaining, but don’t take me wrong, even the freak traveler as me can be too full with all the situations on the road.


Plus now my head is so full with information. I love to write, that’s for sure. I also have a huge curiosity that probably kill me too many times, just like the cat. But I don’t care. I like to learn new things and I have many question in my pocket. Once when we were in Boti village, the guy who become our guide was laughing at me because I asked him why the stairs they made is 73, why not 70, 71, 72 or 80? Yep, I can’t be so annoying, because details are very important for me.


The reason why I am backpacking through East Nusa Tenggara and write about it, because I know this area is such a hidden jewel. Not so many people know about the potential beautiful places that tourist/traveler (whatever) can visit. As an Indonesian, I think it’s my natural job to promoting about Indonesia through thing that I can, writing. But it’s not an easy job. I even should divide my mind from blog that I need to maintained now and then, articles that I need to write for third party and my biggest goal to compile all the journey into a book (wish me luck! xx). Every time I finished visiting a place, I found it that I need a me-time, or just a one day skipped by doing nothing, just relaxing, or at least writing my experiences before I forget the feeling. But still, sometimes I am feeling too much with all the writing but then again, I will get up and continue to write again. I mostly love writing. It serves me, it heals me and satisfies my soul. It helps me make sense about things and holds myself being sober. When people trying to figure themselves with drugs or cigarettes, I prefer to overwhelm myself in front of my laptop and drawing words. People can choose anyhow.


Ahh now I want a really nice cinnamon cappuccino on my hands with two dogs named Goldie and Lady under my feet. I feel homesick and I am not ashamed to tell it to you. I have all right to be honest about it, because I am doing it and not just talking about it. My brother told me this morning, “Keep safe and keep being happy.” And my dear friend messaged me, “I miss you.” Thanks God for all the support surround me.


Love from the road,
Dea Sihotang





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