OCD Beach Café and Hostel, a Bliss Place to Stay in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara

How lucky I am to have friend, that knows friend, that knows friend! Yess, that’s what happened to me recently when I stayed in Kupang. I have known a friend from a friend that I met in Rote – yep, it can be so confusing, but please keep with me… then later on, my friend introduced me with a friend in Kupang that introduce me with someone who has a very cute bamboo house in Lasiana beach, Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara.

OCD-Beach-Cafe-Kupang (2)
I fall in love since the first time I saw this cute bamboo houses!

It called OCD Beach Café and Hostel. And there is nothing related with OCD the monastery in Kupang or OCD the compulsive disorder. OCD stands for Oddy, Connie and Dio ; that’s the three fighters of Mesakh’s family. I am so glad that my visit in Kupang brought me to know them all together.

OCD-Beach-Cafe-Kupang (17)
Om Ody and Mama Connie, the owner of OCD Beach Cafe and Hostel.
OCD-Beach-Cafe-Kupang (18)
Glad to meet them during my trip in East Nusa Tenggara 🙂


Oddy Mesakh is a kind of busy dad but also a visioner, if I can add, he is also a traveler. He went to so many places in Indonesia ; he said he’d already been in all islands in Indonesia except Maluku. He has this idea to build two bamboo house after successful created a café in front of Lasiana beach since 4 years ago. He is so fond with travelers and allow them to stay in his café through Couchsurfing community. We had a good talk about travel plans and dreams. With such a vision in his head, he built two bamboo house without any background of ever build any bamboo house ever.

OCD-Beach-Cafe-Kupang (5)
OCD Beach Cafe
OCD-Beach-Cafe-Kupang (14)
Gusti, my partner in crime in OCD Beach Cafe, grilled some fishes for the guest.

It turns to be a lovely place to stay! I love the architecture and all the earthy stuff he puts in the café and hostel area. I was lucky enough to stay there for two days before heading to Fatumnasi, SOE. IF you want to look for a nice stay during your visit in Kupang without spending so much money but have a different experience, why don’t you stay with them?

OCD-Beach-Cafe-Kupang (12)
I really loved my stays in this place! Photo by Armin Septiexan.


Mama Connie, Ody’s wife is really a charm and friendly lady, while Dio, the young boy, will awe you with how bright and mature his mind and point of view.

OCD-Beach-Cafe-Kupang (15)
Dio, the 9 year old bright boy ever I’d met!
OCD-Beach-Cafe-Kupang (16)
He knows exactly who is the boss 😉


I also love to just laid back in their café while writing and enjoying their local coffee choices. Their café is beyond the normal café, because they know people love music so they provide a keyboard and a guitar to be played by the guest for free.

OCD-Beach-Cafe-Kupang (19)
Some inspirations were appeared when I am hanging around in the cafe with my lovely laptop 😉
OCD-Beach-Cafe-Kupang (13)
Guest playing music happily with guitar provided by OCD.
OCD-Beach-Cafe-Kupang (20)
Coffee coffee coffeeeeee…. All local coffee from Indonesia! ❤


Here is some information if  you are interest to stay here or just put this on your list:

The Triangle Bamboo House has one queen size bed with fan and indoor bathroom. Price is 250,000 rupiah/night for 2 person, including breakfast. Photo as shown below.

OCD-Beach-Cafe-Kupang (1)
Inside of the triangle bamboo house.

The Ship Look A Like Bamboo House has two floors. The first floor is having one queen size bed with a living room and fan. Shared bedroom and price is 250,000 rupiah/night for 2 person, including breakfast. Photo as shown below.

OCD-Beach-Cafe-Kupang (8)
The living room inside of the bamboo house.
OCD-Beach-Cafe-Kupang (7)
They gonna change the twin bed into a queen size bed.


The second floor is having 2 bed of queen size and able to fill up to 4-5 person. For 4 guest, each person is 100,000 rupiah/night including breakfast. For 2 person, it’s gonna be 250,000 rupiah/room/night including breakfast. With fan and shared bedroom.

OCD-Beach-Cafe-Kupang (10)
The second floor.
OCD-Beach-Cafe-Kupang (3)
Breakfast. Yumm yummm…
OCD-Beach-Cafe-Kupang (4)
Lasiana Beach located in front of the bamboo house.
OCD-Beach-Cafe-Kupang (6)
Easy to enjoy the sunset from here.



And here is some contact you can ask further about the place:

Email ocdbeachcafe@gmail.com

Instagram @ocdbeachcafe

Facebook Page : OCD Beach Cafe

Contact : +62 85239385022 and +62 85239159401

Enjoy your stay!

OCD-Beach-Cafe-Kupang (21)
“I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself.” – Maya Angelou

Dea Sihotang







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