“The Journalist” is Back – and What I Experienced During the “Fasting to Write Period”

It’s been a while that I didn’t post anything through my blog. Since my last article about how I got fed up with the journey – not means that I don’t like the trip that I have, because I love it so much – but I only honestly admit that all the changes I experienced seem to shaken out myself from my comfort zone too much and too often. Meeting up with new people, moving a lot and always experience new things, new cities, new cultures, new rules, are not so easy to do. So I stopped to write for a while during my trip in Alor island. And it was feel sooooo good.

Alor-Maumere-Larantuka-Adonara (15)
So happy to act as a local girl from Alor, even for few hours only! What do you think? 😛


I love writing of course, but I also love to enjoy the trip without daily responsibility to write. Anyhow, it’s already more than 2 weeks that I stopped to write, which I think, I should go back to my laptop and start to write again. Well, I carry this heavy laptop all days; so it should be useful, right? Anyway, I want to share some catch up stories to you who following my adventure in East Nusa Tenggara.


Alor Island

Absolutely if you visit East Nusa Tenggara, don’t only stop in Labuan Bajo. Yes, I haven’t been there yet. I put Labuan Bajo for my last destination because I am doing the backpacking from east of East Nusa Tenggara to the west area. So I ended up in Alor after Atambua.

Alor-Maumere-Larantuka-Adonara (16)
Me in Sikka island, Alor, East Nusa Tenggara.

Alor is really a great island. Not only because of the landscape, but more about the meaningful moments I had in there. I met two British guys there – which travel in Thailand, Indonesia and Borneo. We did the island hopping in Alor together – nice to have snorkels partners and we let each other know when interesting animals we see underwater. We saw the sea snake! We also went to waterfall and had some fun drinking game ; oh well, they are British, anyway (even they told me they weren’t that strong to drink).

Alor-Maumere-Larantuka-Adonara (4)
Michael, me and Frankie. Both are crazy and funny guys to meet!

Beside of those guys, I also met another traveler in Alor Kecil and end up to explore the island together. He is from Italy and already traveled for more than 100 countries. Wow! We camped in Kepa island – which really was a good time in such beautiful island, I also met with Nic from France ; who also quit his job to travel. Finally I met and talk with people who won’t ask ; why do I travel? Why am I in Alor? And Why a female travel alone? Meeting up with some travelers who have the same passion as mine really cure my sickness of backpacking why-why-why question.

Alor-Maumere-Larantuka-Adonara (5)
Me with kids from Kepa island, Alor.

I will never forget to mention how lucky I am to know El’s family. He and his wife, Wany, also Ezza, their son, really filled my days there with lots of joy and happiness. Not only them, the mother of El and his sister and families, also treat me nicely and accept me as who I was. I was going out a lot that time, because I want to explore the island, and they don’t complain about it.


Happiness also added when I have some cool people in internet café (the business of El), such as Asnat, Om Niger, Dion and Scott, who always so helpful, share jokes and cook food faor the family. Ayu, from Zoom Alor community, also make my days in Alor pretty easy and relax, because she knows the way. Mita, the cool tomboy girl also so kind to bring me to waterfall and the hot spring. Alor taught me about friendship – the globetravelers kind of friendship. I will also never forget Breaky – a dog who always want to jump in to the motorbike and follow our trip. And Frankie and Mikha, new puppies that El has, and he gave them names of those British travelers.

Alor-Maumere-Larantuka-Adonara (6)
This family is so freaking awesome and very generous! Love to stay with them and they are in my heart forever, for sure!



I decided to go to Maumere when I know a friend will held a charity event in Detukeli village – Ende. He comes from Maumere, so I need to meet him first before go to Detukeli. It was such an exhausted journey because from Kalabahi, Alor, I need to go to Kupang first. In 16 hours journey by boat! Not only that, from Kupang to Maumere, it took another 18 hours… Excluding few hours for transit in Kupang. Wowwww… It was such a sore journey, but I did it and I arrived in Maumere exactly the night before everyone will go to Detukeli in the next morning. I was so proud with myself because I did it. Yes, my head and feet, that stubborn so I wasn’t care enough whether a journey kill my body or not. Fortunately it wasn’t. Even I woke up so tired, I was so exciting to do the charity.

Alor-Maumere-Larantuka-Adonara (8)
With team from Shoes for Flores and some kids from Eforia elementary school. The team that I lead and won the game! 😉

It is called “Shoes for Flores“. Where the people gather some donations and buy shoes for children in some elementary school. The days we spent in with kids from Elementary School there were not only memorable but also so meaningful for each of us. Me personally felt so glad to see there are young people who still care with their own hometown/area. And I had such a beautiful feeling when I see those kids extremely happy when they get their new shoes, new school uniform, new stationary and new books to write. What we think such a basic things for people to use in school, actually such a valuable things for those in need… for those kids.

Alor-Maumere-Larantuka-Adonara (7)
Some volunteers of Shoes for Flores try to play games with the kids. Look at them! How they paid the attention is really killing my heart ❤
Alor-Maumere-Larantuka-Adonara (9)
Happiness in their heart when they got new shoes, new books, new school uniform… We can do anything to build our villages, including donating for Shoes for Flores campaign…


Egon, Wagete Village

It wasn’t long visit. More to be a few hours visit there before I decided to jump up to my friend’s car who brought me to Larantuka. A friend from Kupang told me that he has a job to do in a village near Ego mountain. Reading from the news that Egon is now in alert situation of eruption, I drove by curiosity so I go there to join him.

Alor-Maumere-Larantuka-Adonara (10)
Meet up with Destro and Yuan, friends I know from Kupang.

I was such in an awe when I see Egon’s mountain exactly lied in front of the house… It looks so arrogant and dangerous. On the top, I can see how it’s so dry and serious. I was glad to hear that the mountain’s status already down. Some people who once relocated because the danger of eruption, already back to their normal home and life. But still, that mountain looks so gorgeous and hazardous.

Alor-Maumere-Larantuka-Adonara (11)
That’s Egon mountain. Standing arrogantly and very dangerous.



Alor-Maumere-Larantuka-Adonara (14)
Pantai Pura (Pura beach) one of destination to go in Larantuka.
Alor-Maumere-Larantuka-Adonara (17)
Together with Cyrus – a traveler from New York, Imam, a traveler from Palembang that I met in Rote and Risna, a friend that I met in Shoes for Flores activity and she invited me to stay in her house in Larantuka.

In same evening when I arrived in Wagete village, I followed friends to go to their home in Larantuka, east of Flores. I wasn’t planned to go there again, because I am in Maumere city already. But destiny seemed to have different plan for me. I was accepted by Ambo and Risna to stay in their house, together with an American traveler that they meet in Kelimutu lake. So I have another friend to explore the island while both of our host working in the day. We did to watch the sunset together anyway in Kaliuwu. Plus I also met with another traveler whom I met before in Rote. The world of travelers are indeed seem so small!

Alor-Maumere-Larantuka-Adonara (1)
Waiting for sunset in Kaliuwu beach, Larantuka.
Alor-Maumere-Larantuka-Adonara (2)
Sunset is coming, even not so spectacular cause the rainy season, but it’s still beautifully good!



I had a pretty adventurous but fun journey to Adonara. I was such in awe with this beautiful island beyond my imagination. My friend who is 64 year-old, drove the motorbike and I was so scare because we bring too many stuff (I did buy too many stuff for our survival kit during the camping in Adonara) and the motorbike sometimes went to left or right direction accidentally. So I was afraid that we will crash or fall down on the street. But as usual, when I am nervous, I prefer to laugh it out loud. Thank God, we were safe and sound whether arrive in Inaburak beach, a place where we pitched our tent, also until we back to Larantuka. My friend really great drove the motorbike! And we did it!!!

Alor-Maumere-Larantuka-Adonara (13)
Our five-stars-hotel in Inaburak beach, Adonara, East Flores.

Beside all the heat inside of the tent all night long, I was soooo happy to see the gorgeous beach full with black rocks that probably from volcanic lava long time agoooo. It makes the area more like Jurrasic park for us. The beautiful shape of the rocks also make it looks like dragons. I can’t believe that this beautiful place is out of people’s information about Flores. For sure, it’s a must-visit-place for those who love beautiful beaches like me. Only one thing as usual struggles about touristic places in East Nusa Tenggara, it wasn’t well-maintained and also a lot of rubbish here and there. Too pity in such gorgeous blue-ish turquoise water, there is rubbish floating around. Either from local or from other island’s trash, trash is still trash, human makes it. And it’s very bad for our environment. Maybe we should put “Don’t littering” in our bible/qur’an and all preachers should preach about it over and over again.

Alor-Maumere-Larantuka-Adonara (12)
Look at those crazy black stones!!!

Well, that’s the catch up story I can tell you for now. I will tell you later in details when I have time. Backpacking and keep moving, both are really hard to make me able to write everyday, but I will try my best. Now, perhaps I can explore Larantuka more and moving on to another Flores cities, because East of Indonesia, especially East Nusa Tenggara where I am now, really always bring me from an awe to another awe. Too many beautiful places – if you are confuse where to go, well, why don’t you go to this part of Indonesia as well?


Wish me luck! X

Dea Sihotang






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