Wuring, a Fisherman Village in Sikka, Maumere

This morning we woke up earlier to go to Wuring. Wuring is a fisherman village located in West Alok, Sikka Regency. Not so far from Maumere city, only around 3 km away. I went by motorbike with another traveler from France, while our host, taking an ojek ride, because she only has one motorbike and she thought that local will better to take the ojek because then, the ojek rider will not charge much than it should be. Ojek in Maumere normally around IDR 5.000,- one time ride. It probably takes only 10 minutes from Gelora Samador (Samador Stadion), the area where I stay in Maumere, to Wuring.

Wuring-a-Fisherman-Village-in-Sikka-Maumere (1)
This kids are trying to fishing. Mostly people in this area are fisherman.
Wuring-a-Fisherman-Village-in-Sikka-Maumere (4)
He was so joyfully showing to us a fish that he able to catch.

We planned to catch the sunrise but it seems impossible because the sun already risen, but walking around Wuring in the morning still feel good because of the morning breeze. In another few hours, definitely Maumere and surrounding will be hot as 12 pm, even it just 8 in the morning.

Wuring-a-Fisherman-Village-in-Sikka-Maumere (18)
By the end of the village, there is a nice mosque still in the process to build.

Out from my expectation, Wuring village is a such an unique area to go. It is for you who want to see the different life style of local people. Actually villagers of Wuring came from Bajo, Bugis and Buton tribe. They sailed far away from Sulawesi and end up in East Nusa Tenggara and I also heard in West Nusa Tenggara. My friend told me this sailor tribe almost everywhere around Indonesia even world. They are so famous of being tough sailor, good in the sea and making Phinisi ship.

Wuring-a-Fisherman-Village-in-Sikka-Maumere (3)
You can see how their blood is sailor since young age, that kid without fear just standing by the side of the boat.
Wuring-a-Fisherman-Village-in-Sikka-Maumere (2)
Bajo, Bugis, Buton people are famous of being tough sailor in Indonesia. Their life depending by the sea.

There was a French guy walking together with us and probably because of faces are new for them, so local always look strangely to us when we pass their house. Some kids were walking in hurry to go to their school, not so much waving their hands and saying “Hello mister” as normally I see everytime I go with a foreigner in another part East Nusa Tengara. Some adults were sitting nicely in front of their house, have a chit chat and stop their talk when they see us. Some greet us, some just look to us, probably with a mind in their head, “What are this people doing here?”

Wuring-a-Fisherman-Village-in-Sikka-Maumere (8)
Kak Nur, Aysa and Nic, walking around the village. Some people were curious also look to us in odd way.
Wuring-a-Fisherman-Village-in-Sikka-Maumere (10)
I love to take his picture!
Wuring-a-Fisherman-Village-in-Sikka-Maumere (9)
A daily life, a daily routine. Sitting in front of the house naked? hahaha


Anyway, the area is nice to explore. Some ship tied up in the harbor, when the sun is up, it gives a nice shape siluet. Some houses stand still above the sea. They said normally they changed the wood to hold the house every 3 years. Between each house, there are lots of bridge made from bamboo, also above the sea. I was curious whether children also able to walk there without the chances of falling down. Some mothers told me their kids already get used to it since very young. Some of kids even like to jump to the sea from their house or bridge.

Wuring-a-Fisherman-Village-in-Sikka-Maumere (16)
Nic and his two little fans.
Wuring-a-Fisherman-Village-in-Sikka-Maumere (15)
While I need to take care of my steps, people here are very easy walking either run on the bridge. Fiuh.

The thing what I concern in this area is about rubbish everywhere. In a shock, I see one house stands still while under it, so many rubbish. Too many, that we can’t counted it anymore. I have no idea, how people can live healthy with rubbish under their house?

Wuring-a-Fisherman-Village-in-Sikka-Maumere (13)
Dirty rubbish. Curious how it affects their health 😦
Wuring-a-Fisherman-Village-in-Sikka-Maumere (12)
The villagers and local government need to do something regarding rubbish here.
Wuring-a-Fisherman-Village-in-Sikka-Maumere (11)
How can a family live with so much rubbish under their house?

I also see some of trash bin, but I think it wasn’t make any difference. Some kids can get diarrhea easily by playing in same environment where rubbish is a part of it. But seems no one who live there is really care about it.

Wuring-a-Fisherman-Village-in-Sikka-Maumere (7)
Either toilet also none there or just a daily habit, this little girl just pee pee directly in front of her house.


Another thing about safety of people who live with that kind of vulnerable house on shore. When the hard wind comes, I think it’s pretty easy to break down the houses. I heard from a friend when Maumere has a huge earthquake in 1992, the village was damaging so bad. But now they already build again and they don’t want to remove from the area. They said, every human being always have a risk wherever they live, so they also take the risk, because that’s in their culture and blood to live near the sea and earn money from fishing. Yes, only by fishing (or some people now try making money by selling groceries or vegetables). They don’t do seaweed farming or another sea activity.

Wuring-a-Fisherman-Village-in-Sikka-Maumere (14)
A father carrying his baby. But he said, normally they walk themselves.


I checked to a lady that drying salty fishes. It was tuna. She said, last night, her husband sold a tuna for 40 kg, IDR 3.000.000,- so I am in a doubt whether they really don’t have money to take care of their village, make it as clean environment… Or they just not used to it. If local government wants to train them to live healthy and clean, I am pretty sure they need plenty of time and patience. But for sure, local government should do something about their sanitation and to train them how to clean their environment.

Wuring-a-Fisherman-Village-in-Sikka-Maumere (17)
Have a short chat with this lady who drying salty tuna fishes to be sold.
Wuring-a-Fisherman-Village-in-Sikka-Maumere (6)
Beside fisherman, some mothers also do the business as fruits or vegetables sellers.

Well, if you are in Maumere, don’t miss this village. I am pretty sure if you like photography, it can be a perfect place for you. Also if you like to see something beyond boring place in a city, you should come to this area. This place is impressive!

Wuring-a-Fisherman-Village-in-Sikka-Maumere (5)
Don’t miss this area while you are visiting Maumere.

Thank you for kak Nur and the little Aysa, who already woke up early to bring us there ❤


Happy exploring Maumere!

Dea Sihotang



  1. The fifth photo in this article, is it also in Wuring? It has the man paddling his perahu in the foreground and the boats in the background , some seem to be sitting on the beach.

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