Kolisia Hill, a Breathtaking Landscape Just Few Kilometers Away from Maumere

There is a traveler told me when he knows that I want to go to Maumere.

“What will you see in Maumere, Dea? I see not so much information about Maumere in Lonely Planet book.”

My reaction was. “Huh, I don’t know yet. But I am pretty sure there are so many things we can see in one’s place. In my experience.”

I was in Maumere for a short weekend because there is a Shoes for Flores activity, then I go to Larantuka. It was like a backforward journey, but I haven’t explored East of Flores so I decided to Larantuka and go back to Maumere again. Knowing my plan, made that guy deliver his comment.

Kolisia-Hill-DeaSihotang (1)
A pleasing view for our eyes during the road in Kolisia.

Ahh that guide book, some area can be have few long pages information ; but some area can be written almost none but it doesn’t mean that nothing you can’t see there. Maybe they just don’t know what to cover because lack of information. Maybe because it was considered Maumere as the “big” city, so none to see,  but I need to write more about the city later. But anyhow, as a traveler, the first rule for those who want to explore, never say there is nothing to see. Even in remote area, we will find a treasure, sometimes, we will be so glad because it is so naturally beautiful, untouched by the touristic matters.

Kolisia-Hill-DeaSihotang (11)
It wasn’t so far from Maumere, isn’t it?

So here we are, in Kolisia hill. Just few kilometers away from Maumere, the city, we can get this stunning scenery. I was a bit in a doubt before we arrived.


That afternoon, after a friend’s visa drama by the immigration office in Maumere finally finished, we decided to visit a hill. I don’t really know which one, even my friend, kak Nur, already told me many times. I always so bad with names. Especially I heard a lot of names of places and people lately, so sometimes I am mixed up. Anyway, I always in for every kind of activities, so I said, Yes, let’s go!

Kolisia-Hill-DeaSihotang (3)
Going up to the hill with the kids, how a lovely afternoon for a short tracking 😉

The lovely thing about going around exploring Maumere and surrounding during I stay here, that my host always bring her daughter around. What a cool start of knowing her world, exploring the area with her parents. I wish I traveled a lot since I was so young too! And this good habit also not only applied to her, her friend, Tari, also love to bring her kids wherever it’s possible to explore around the area. I think, children needs more outdoor experiences than gadget and computer stuff from their young age. Not only it can brings many valuable quality moments with your own kids, they will also start to love earth and clean environment since young age.

Kolisia-Hill-DeaSihotang (2)
Up, up and up. We are going up together…
Kolisia-Hill-DeaSihotang (10)
“Children are born naturalists. They explore the world with all of their senses, experiment in the environment, and communicate their discoveries to those around them.”

In one car, there were Tari, who drive the car, me, her two kids, Aysa (Nur’s daughter) and Nic, a traveler from France who get stuck in Maumere because he needs to extend his visa. Nur and her husband, Agung, following us by motorcycle. As we drove further, we arrive in Kolisia area, which consist with lots of rice fields and some hills in left and right side the way. Then we stopped because we need to come inside one road which going up to the hill.


Tari started to scream because she is so afraid to drive up to the hill especially with kids around. After convinced by Nur, finally she brave enough to do it and only by 10 minutes driving up to the hill, we arrived in a house that we ask permission to park the car there. Then we started to hike the hill.

Kolisia-Hill-DeaSihotang (4)
Stairs to go to the Virgin Mary cave, place for praying for local people.
Kolisia-Hill-DeaSihotang (5)
The Virgin Mary statue inside of the cave.

In the beginning, I have no expectation what will we see up there. So I just enjoyed every small steps I had to go up, while taking eyes to the kids step. But in one point, when I started to look around, my breathe stops joyfully. “Oh wow! How beautiful!!!” I heard Tari scream happily, as I scream inside my heart.

The more we went up, the more we can look the surrounding landscape and it was totally gorgeous!

Kolisia-Hill-DeaSihotang (6)
What a superb view!!!
Kolisia-Hill-DeaSihotang (8)
With this view everyday, such a happy life for him 😛


I saw lots of rice fields down there, some cool shapes hills, a clear blue sky, goats who don’t care about our existence and have such a happy life, then a stairs to go up to a small chapel, a white cross with a Virgin Mary status inside of the small cave for worship. This hill for sure visited by local who wants to pray or just doing their spiritual walk.

Kolisia-Hill-DeaSihotang (12)
“God is the most beautiful, and beauty is the expression of God. If you can’t appreciate beauty in the world how can you understand God?”

What a gem!

Kolisia-Hill-DeaSihotang (9)
“In the nature we return to reason and faith.”

Never said that we can’t find anything in one’s place, because there is a lot to see if we want to explore and talking with locals, sometimes we can such a splendid moments beyond our expectation 😉

Kolisia-Hill-DeaSihotang (7)

Cheers from Maumere,

Dea Sihotang



  1. Beautiful places. I agree with you on the fact that you have many things to see in every place. Only difference is whether you like it or not. I can spend time alone middle of nowhere hours just with nature


  2. I was there just a month ago with my wife and friends who own a small resort/accommodation in Maumere. Such a beautiful coastline. We climbed to a slightly different spot, there were five hundred steps to a white cross. Our first time in Nusa Tengarra. I fell in love with Indonesia all over again in Flores, planning to go back for a longer stay.


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