Places I Stay During 5-Months-Backpacking-Trip in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia (Part 1)

It was almost 5 months that I am doing backpacking around East Nusa Tenggara and hop on from one place to another. I was myself so surprised that I still can survived and enjoying the journey. Yes, it had has lots of ups and downs, but I met so many nice people during the trip that make me still able to go on. I had had such a huge gratitude to them who allowed me to stay with them or introduced me to their relatives/friends. The article is not about a story to show to you how lucky I am, but I want you to know that to have a long trip is possible, even you are an Indonesian single female.


One time before I decided to do long backpacking, I tell the idea to my friend who I know also doing a lot of backpacking trip. He said : “Always trust people and always open for all new things.”


I trusted people that I meet during the journey and I can feel that they trust me back and treat me so good, despite their lack of facility or things. For some locals that I stayed with during the journey, accepting stranger to be in their home probably hard to do, but their open heart and friendly acceptance, such a big wow for me and I hope I also brought a good spark in their life during my stay there.


Here is some notes about where I stayed during my backpacking trip in East Nusa Tenggara, which I will post it in few articles because it’s gonna take so long if I post it all here.


West Timor island :

Kupang : I stayed in OCD Beach Café and Hostel. It has nice bamboo houses and also a café, just by the beach. The family who owns the place also very friendly and nice to talk with. It is cost IDR 125.000/person/night with a nice breakfast. Apart from them, there are plenty big and brand new hotels in Kupang. One time I stayed in La Hacienda and Ima Hotel, but for me, the most memorable stay was in OCD Beach Café and Hostel. The owner’s family were so kind to me.

OCD Beach Cafe - Kupang
Cute Bamboo Houses in OCD Beach Cafe and Hostel, Lasiana beach, Kupang.
OCD Beach Cafe - Kupang
Together with the owner. They both were so kind to me.


I also stayed in one of local’s friend who I met in Jakarta, located in Maulafa, Kupang. She and her family were so kind toward me during my stay in there. We were celebrating New Year’s Eve together. Meilsi’s mama always made sure that I eat a lot and more and more. Hahha.

West Timor (9)
Me, Melsi and together with her colleagues. They had a meeting in Kefa and allow me to join them so I can visit Tamkesi by myself, from Kefa.


Fatumnasi, SOE : If you are in this area, you can go to Lopo Mutis, it is owned by bapak (mr) Mateos Anin. A local traditional hut will be available for you. Will be nice to have an experience to sleep there. Mr. Anin also will love it to explain about their cultures and history. Don’t be shy to ask. It cost around IDR 100.000/night/person there, including food.

West Timor (6)
House in Fatumnasi, place where I sleep for 3 nights. Simple, always afraid some bugs down to my bed, but it was really a great experience.
West Timor (3)
Together with bapak Anin and his wife.


Boti Tribe, SOE : It was really such a gambling when we went there. Not only because in Boti village they have no signal, also the road there is really dangerous and bad. They say if you come with a good intention, you will arrive safely there. They have a homestay for guest and you will love the feeling to be disconnected with outside world here. There is no signal, no electricity here. You will blend with animism local people here, who is already rare to find in this modern era. Take a risk, just ask local how to go to Boti tribe, they will tell you how. I paid IDR 100.000/night/person, including food.

West Timor (4)
Guest house in Boti village.
West Timor (12)
Inside of the guest house.
Inside of the guest house.
The king of Boti tribe, Namah Benu and his brother, Lukas Benu.

Tamkesi Traditional Village, TTU : It is a nice traditional village to go and to learn about their cultures. But I am not sure that they can let guest stay in their house. Pretty much local people won’t be bother with you staying 1 or 2 days, but if you expect to have facility when plan to visit this area, better to stay in Kefa city. Here is plenty of local hotels. And with a local hotels mean, I hope you understand how does it look. It’s gonna be basic and simple facility.

West Timor (13)
The look of traditional house in Tamkesi village. But I didn’t stay here.


Atambua : I was staying with a Couchsurfer here. It was a last minute information because he was working in Jogjakarta normally, but luck was following me, because when I was there, he is also in Atambua and one day after I leave Atambua, he got a job in Jakarta. Lucky star is true following me! But if you wanna stop for a while during your trip to Timor Leste, there is also some hotels you can book in the town.

West Timor (10)
Whooottt!!! I got this cute room to stay!! How happy I am!!!
West Timor (8)
Family in the house, so caring and so lovely people to stay with! ❤
West Timor (7)
This is us when we had a trip to Fulalaran… It was a lovely day and very sweet of them, because they wanna show me around their area. I feel I am a part of their family! ❤


Gonna continue the article. This time is gonna be about where I stay during my backpacking trip around East Nusa Tenggara after visited West Timor island. I can’t believe that people I met during the journey were so kind to me, which is I am totally a stranger for them.


The more I travel, the more I can trust people, for one more time. Moving from one place to another also taught me to no become spoiled, grateful for what I get and building connection with people around me.


During writing this article, I am missing them. Wish our path will meet again somehow…

“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.” – Anita Desa


Dea Sihotang




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