A Thin Line between Stupidity and Blind Fooled Love (The Sketcher’s Story)

I know I shouldn’t put my energy anymore to this story, because it is useless. Totally useless. Since my latest experience with this man, I ended up get the image from this couple that I wanna try to ruin someone’s else relationship. Silly! There was a stupid enough response to made me think it’s not worth at all to spend any energy anymore to this couple.


The woman is silly enough to accept the reality that her boyfriend cheating on her and act as it wasn’t a problem at all. Either she is in an illusion or it’s easier to act as nothing happened rather than facing the truth. If I am become that woman, absolutely it’s gonna be a problem for me. If my man can cheat on me one time (actually I don’t really know how many times he did it, maybe already many times – the more I think and rewind the statement he gave to me, the more I realized how such a player he was. He able to manipulated his words, like totally give different statement to make me believe that he was such an innocent man that want serious commitment with me and he said he was a good guy and not play any games. Oh well…) If my man can cheat on me one time, pretty sure he doesn’t love me enough and there is huge chance he will do it again later. Especially when he was such a dick to not explain to me at all when I comforted to him about his girlfriend, instead, he blocked me directly, such as he was so in fear that I caught him.

A Thin Line between Stupidity and Blind Fooled Love (2)

I am not a stupid woman for sure. For me, man who is fooling woman’s feeling is really low kind of man that I need to give him lesson. Too pity, it wasn’t the same reaction from his girlfriend. Now she acted like I am another woman who is jealous with their relationship and wanna break their relationship. What the heck! Keep himself for you. I don’t want any cheater as my partner. I know my value and how I deserve a partner who truly committed to me. As he said to me previously, I am a woman who know what I want. It’s better for me nothing at all, rather than half half. I never like grey area. Trust me girl, if I know that he has a girlfriend, I even don’t want to let him hold my hands or bring me home. He just super manipulated man that take it for granted what he can get from girls outside his official girlfriend. I even not sure that he likes it to have official girlfriend, because he never showed it – and for sure, he didn’t tell me that he has a girlfriend. If he is proud of you, he will tell the world that you are his girlfriend.



I found it so stupid and it bring me to my anger when I read the reaction of that girl which saying that she will not care about it, that she thinks me as a hater in their relationship and keep proudly announced about her famous Sketcher (cheater) boyfriend. You are not a strong person by avoiding his fault, but fool. It doesn’t make any sense for my logic. I am really mad when a woman become so stupid regarding love. Especially, I found it many times, how western men can be so mean to Indonesian women, because they think, Indonesian women are stupid. Not all, not me.

A Thin Line between Stupidity and Blind Fooled Love (3)

Moreover, it was really put me in nerve because she was foolish enough to let it go just that. It’s not about forgiving or being patience. There is a thin line between stupidity and blind fooled love. No matter how you love someone, when they cheat on you, you are not loved enough by them. It’s obvious sign that your relationship is going to end. Ok I don’t want to judge. Everytime I remember how sweet he was in words to try make me believe that he was into me and he was single, it’s already made me want to vomit. Not because you are famous, so you can play with someone’s heart that easily.


He said, what I said to him when I asked about us, was ruining the magical moment between us. Blah, magical moment? You created a magical moment with another woman, when you have girlfriend that think you are such a faithful man? I rather to never have magical moments with you because it’s not worth it. I never, let me bold line the statement, I never want to ruin anyone’s relationship. That’s my principle in building relationship with man. If I know they have girlfriend, I will gladly enough to respect the relationship and stay outside, because that’s what I want to be exactly happened in my own relationship. I do believe in karma. What we reap is what we sow. Moreover, I have huge dignity and integrity to never hurt any woman’s feeling, because I am a woman.

A Thin Line between Stupidity and Blind Fooled Love (6)

But my job is over. I already told you girl. You need to remember me later when another case happened, when this artist cheat on you again in the future. No matter how in love we are with someone, never ever being stupid and close our eyes to destructive behavior they did to us.




Dea Sihotang



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