Staying in The One Legian Hotel, a Real Holiday in Bali

Living in Bali doesn’t mean that I don’t want to have a holiday anymore. Even those who live in this paradise island, where people from around the world, visit here to escape from their monotonous life for a while, absolutely they still want to pamper myself with a short holiday, to have a holiday in this such a “holiday” island. Not such a cliché, isn’t it? Based on my friend’s recommendation, I stayed in The One Legian Hotel for 3 days 2 nights.

The One Legian Hotel, formerly The 101 Bali Legian

The idea to stay in The One Legian hotel, because I didn’t feel to go that far for my “holiday”. I just finished a long trip overland Flores, and I have no desire to be on the road for another long hours again, but I know that I need a holiday. Turned to be, my decision to stay in The One Legian hotel was become a real holiday I had in Bali!

Me and Clara on our holiday in The One Legian Hotel, Bali
Me and Clara in our holiday in The One Legian Hotel, Bali


Room’s Interior

The comfortable bed for our staying tonight!

I live in Ubud and to go to Legian street took around 1,5 hours. The day was so sunny and bright. Bali’s sun is really hot as the summer. I was tempting to just run inside my room and chill out. After short check-in time, we went inside the room and scream happily!

Clara, enjoying her time inside the cold room.


The room’s interior is so sweet with touch of stylish orange color here and there. The room already cold so we just feel immediately chill and what we want only to lay our back on the bed. Clara, my friend, took a snake fruit from the fruit bowl that already prepared so beautifully by the staff. There is a sweet welcoming letter as a greeting from the hotel which exactly writing down my name correctly. What an intimate and thoughtful touch!

“Welcome Dea Sihotang!” – What a sweet touch! Everyone always love the greeting letter with their name on it 🙂


The best of it, how we open the door and in front of us, there is a long swimming pool, which called as Romeo swimming pool – yes, Romeo as in Romeo and Juliet story. But don’t worry, it’s a public pool, not only for “Romeo”, some of female also swimming happily or just laid back to get their tanned sky. Me and Clara just enjoying the pool immediately, Bali is so hot, a couple of hours inside of the swimming pool is always a good idea.

Hot? Who cares? We have a lovely pool in front of our room! ;)
Hot? Who cares? We have a lovely pool in front of our room! 😉


The One Legian Hotel, which formerly The 101 Legian, actually the biggest hotel in Legian street, from outside appearance it looks like a small building, but when you go inside, you will be so surprised when you know, there is 301 rooms here. Their rooms categories are vary, from Deluxe Balcony, Deluxe Pool Access, Deluxe Family and The ONE Suite also available by request. One of the room even a disable guest friendly! Amazing!! They also have 2 big swimming pools, 1 cute one just behind the check-in counter, 3 restaurants and bars which are ; The Deck, De Basilico Kitchen and Bar and Rooftop Dine and Music Lounge which really perfect for you who want enjoying the greatest pleasure of watching sunset with cocktail in hands. Ehmmm, sounds great, right?

De Basilico Kitchen and Bar and Rooftop Dine and Music Lounge
The view of the hotel from rooftop…

Another bonus that you can get here, if you spend minimum 3 nights stay here, then you can get one benefits selection such as : Free 30 minutes Spa treatment for 2 person, Free access to Sky Pool Party and 2 Drinks for 2 person, 25% off for Food and Beverages, 10% Off for Laundry service, 20% off for Spa treatment or Free special The ONE souvenirs! Gift, gift, gift!

A view of their suite room.
A view of The ONE suite room.
For you who wanna bring your family or a group of friends, they have proper room for you!
Suggestion : Book a room with this bathroom, it’s too cute! I always love classic interior ❤


Food, food, food

Fresh fruits, anyone? 😉

Anyway, we spent the sunny afternoon by enjoying our food. We had so much delicious food which cooked so delightful by their chef, Mr. Nyoman Picha. A yummy pork ribs, a delicated Thailand beef salad, a merry plate of crunchy yummy Calamary, it was just so lovely, beyond the ability of our tongue to digest all of it. We really enjoyed the whole lunch time there. It made us don’t want to go outside, even so much restaurant and café surrounding The One Legian hotel.

Thai Beef Salad, soooo delicious! A must try one!
What a luxury lunch we had that day! Whoooaaa, my tummy was so happy!
What for dessert? Of course this lovely Opera Cake as a closure for our lunch perfectly!

Talk about the food, then you shouldn’t miss the breakfast time here! Their breakfast lounge is so huge. Food provided also have so many varieties. Don’t worry if you are into western breakkie, or Asian breakkie, both are served by their chef for all. Even I found muesli here! (Rare provided by hotels) Woww, such a luxury!

Croissant in the morning is always my favorite!
I simply love my breakfast… Nom nom nom!


The Spa

"The Spa" in The One Legian Hotel
“The Spa” in The One Legian Hotel located in ground floor.

To complete our “holiday”, we walk to The Spa room in the ground floor. A true holiday will be not so fulfilled if we don’t do massage. Traditional Balinese massage is one of must-to-do-list while we are in Bali. I chose traditional Balinese massage to pamper myself and ease my sore muscle. While Clara chose Herbal Poultice to relax her body with hot stone therapy. Both were really a well-chosen treatment we do. We revitalized our body and energy for a 60 minutes under a really good and professional fingers. The Spa has so many different variety of treatment that you can choose. Their bunch of package allows you to really carefully decide which one that your body need most – from Deep Tissue Massage, Urban Thai Massage, Rock Stone Massage also Four Hand Massage (a massage done by two therapist in the same time, so it gives maximum flow of cerebral spinal fluid throughout the central and peripheral nervous system in our body, to integrate with our mind and soul.

The room atmosphere is so relaxing and very clean.

Another good news is, The Spa opens for public, so if you just pass the area and want to pamper yourself with proper spa and massage in professional’s hands, just go to this place, the rooms also very clean and in peaceful ambience. I ended up back to my room feeling so relax and buy some traditional scrub with me. A way to bring “The Spa” atmosphere to my own place, in Ubud.

Time for spa! Yayyyyy ❤
Many varieties of scrub you can choose and bring it home...
Many varieties of scrub you can choose and bring it home…


In the evening, when the sun almost down, we walked to Kuta beach which is not so far away to walk if you just enjoying the walk. Surrounding by some unique stores along Legian-Kuta street, count window shopping as your activity while you are in this area. Well, my window shopping turned to be something, since I went to a musical equipment store around Bemo Corner and go out with a new wooden acoustic guitar in my hand. Yep! I bought a new guitar!!! Such a spontaneous act, hahaha. But we were so happy and bring the guitar to the beach. Sunset was down already but the sky and ocean always have a charming way to make us stay and enjoying the view. Sky changed from bright yellow to reddish and then slowly become dark. To fill our hungry belly, we were heading to Beachwalk shopping mall and grab some sushi.


This mall, Beachwalk shopping mall, is another thing that you can visit while in Kuta. The mall is not so big as ones in Jakarta. But somehow, it’s nice to walking around and looking some new trend or just make me feel like I am in a “normal civilization”.  At least, I like to be here because there is my favorite sushi restaurant there and always, always, I eat sushi when I am down, to south of Bali, even I actually wanna back to The One Legian restaurant and have another delicious meals there.

Another thing that I love about this hotel, how they try to grow some plantations inside the building to give a green look to guest.

Later on, we returned to our room happily, my body already craving for the smooth bed and pillows. The huge bed seemed like calling our names, after some small talk, checking the Facebook with fast wifi internet and try to watch movie a bit from the television hanged on the wall, we went to sleep. I slept like a baby and wake up feeling so fresh like the sun. The morning spirit brought another joy. We woke up and get ready for breakfast. Time for breakfast like a queen! We were heading to rooftop, where actually another swimming pool exist and Sky Pool party happening every 3 times a week there from 3 pm until finish.

Me and my new guitar. Another blessing that day on my holiday 😉


From a friend, I got introduced by their staff who welcomed me with such warm smiles and witty conversation. Mbak Irma and mbli (how they way people in Bali calling young man) Hendrik were there to greet me and tell me the story of The One Legian Hotel.

We always get new friends if we dare to go outside and travel! :)
We always get new friends if we dare to go outside and travel! 🙂

It was a special discussion, because not all guest will be able to talk deeper about the hotel they are staying in – or maybe not so care enough, but having a conversation with them, not only made me feel this place immediately become my “next home” for the next 3 days, but also I get new friends. How awesome traveling is right? It always gives us new friends, wherever is it in a city or in a remote area, if only we are willing to make a conversation with another.

In total, all the experience I had in The One Legian Hotel was fantastic! With a good friend to share the happiness and such a lovely place to stay and delicious food from their kitchen, I absolutely can recommend The One Legian Hotel for your holiday place to stay while in South Bali!

“Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.” - Izaak Walton
“Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.” – Izaak Walton



Dea Sihotang




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