Life is all about balance

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It’s been a while I haven’t wrote anything to this lovely blog again. Now, being away for a while, I think I should start to type again, anything that comes up in my mind. Like now, I had this idea about writing about “a balance” as topic, after talking with one of my friend at home, Alexia.

This topic also came up in my conversation with Crist, a new friend from Romania that visiting Ubud at the moment for his Ashtanga Yoga practice, few days ago. Actually, balancing is a key of life that really important to apply, wherever we are. Also when I was in Jakarta, the form of not balancing can be in how I manage my work – we were working like crazy that time which really too much… It was also not healthy. While here, in Ubud, it can be one of the famous thing here, that so many people crave to do it, yoga.

I knew yoga since couple years ago, when I was living in Jakarta. Back then, I still remember how we did yoga in soccer stadion, outdoor space, anytime rain came, we all need to move to somewhere else which has a roof, or just cancel the class. Yep, that’s hard.

One of beautiful temple from thousand of temple in Bali.

When the idea to stay in Ubud for good came to my mind – which I really do it, I thought, Oh wow, I will be in this “yoga place” where everyone will do yoga and I will be surround with so many beautiful people (literally in good shape) and beautiful soul.

The beautiful shape can be true, even not all of course – hey, we are all human being, we all born in different shape.

Then about “the beautiful soul”. Ehmm, yess, it can be true too, for some people that I met, I mean, a few. Only a few that I can feel genuinely they are beautiful inside. The rest, I feel so tired after meet them. Looking them going inside to yoga shala (a call for yoga studio – yes even the name sounds so divine, right?) in a “pretend” to be divine goddess or person or soul or whatever, really so strange for me. The whole class seem like filled with Robotic type A, B, C who totally change into someone very peaceful, very calm, very up in the clouds, instantly. Sorry for being sarcastic, maybe it’s not a sarcastic, maybe it just a blunt description of what I feel.

Don’t get me wrong, I do yoga. I am not against yoga, I love it actually. Why? Because I can feel the positive benefit inside me since I’d been in touch and doing yoga. But what I meant about balance here, how people can be actually still divine outside of their yoga mat too.

What I see here in Ubud, the yogi people who has only very limited fabric clothes, driving around the street with earplugs on their phone, and without helmet.

What I see here in Ubud, the divine goddess who pass by wouldn’t give any effort to put a smile in their face when our eyes meet, just because I am not their non-sense goddess friend who use another Unicorn attribute in their hair, or flower crown, like using flower crown can make them instantly become a fairy in this 2017 life.

Or what made me more pissed off when I see with my own eyes, how this “divine people” abuse a good system in 9 Angels, a cool warung (restaurant) in Ubud – that I used to help manage their event, a trust system where no one asked them for money of their food and beverages and allow people to test themselves ; whether they have good integrity by paying what they eat and drink even no one sees it? People can eat there couple of times, without paying, or leaving their dishes on the table and walk away, where there is a BIG sign saying that people need to wash their own dishes after use it.

One of beautiful rustic decoration from 9 Angels Restaurant in Ubud.


To be honest, it’s too much.

People come here to Ubud in expect they get something. Always about getting, getting and getting. What about me, what about me, what about me? They come with so many backgrounds and expectations and the booming book ; Eat, Pray, Love adding chaos in this lovely town. People come here and expect to do an express healing in their 7 days holiday, without understand that healing is a process, a whole life process ; they expect to cleansing their soul and body in holy spring and come up as a new creation.

Man, life goes on. Shit happens everyday and you need to come back to your real life, once you leave Ubud.

Balance is the key.

I am not against yoga (again) or healing or process or whatever. It’s all interesting for me, and how I also gain so much positive things from it. But the key is balance. You can’t jump to both of your feet to a lake without knowing that it will draw you down. As a yogi person (but anyway, why we need to call us as yogi?), I always believe that our life measured on and off the mat. It’s not what happened on the mat that make people outside us feel blessed to have us as their friend, partner, sister, brother, sibling, whoever. It’s how we live daily, off the mat, that obviously counted by people around us.

How can we could be a blessing if we never low profile enough to say Please, Thank You and Sorry? How can we could be a blessing when we only want to hang out with certain type of people just because their yoga pants as much as expensive as yours?

Sometimes I told to Crist, let’s ban yoga talk tonight – because I was tired to talk about yoga all the time over our coffee time or dinner.


This amazing Balinese ladies have their balance to carry this heavy stuff or what they call Gebogan, on their head.

Life is all about balance. We can learn spirituality through our yoga practice daily, but don’t forget that people who different than us are not our enemy, but they just human beings who have their preference like we prefer to do yoga rather than math, for example.

Life is all about balance. When people around us still believe in religion, old system, culture, whatever it is, it doesn’t mean they are dumb. We are the one who is ignorant and dumb if we think we are better than the other and think people who do their “normal” life are lower than us.

Life is all about balance. No matter how perfect your yoga pose on your mat, when you don’t wash your dishes and never sweep your own floor or never check how bad odor your armpit cause to your room, you just disgusting.

Life is all about balance. You can’t say all the time about love, but you even never say Hi to your neighbor and not notice what happened to them.

Life is all about balance. You just bullshit type of spiritual people if you talk about universe but you are so lazy and really irresponsible in your daily responsibility.

I wrote this yesterday in Watercress Coffee shop when I was waiting the traffic jam became better – since it was a real stuck!
“Life is all about Balance.
Like Yin and Yang,
Black and White,
Coffee and Milk,
Rain and Dry,
Sun and Moon,
Love and Hate,
Female and Male,
Happiness and Sorrow,
Hello and Goodye.”

You can be anything you want, as long as you become a good person.

That’s what I believe. And this balancing reminder, it’s not only about yoga and for yoga people. It’s about how we live our life day by day. How we treat others and how we treat nature around us. Anything extreme is always error, remember that.

Even doing a “split” pose like this needs a balance, and it’s not easy.








One comment

  1. Hi Dea,
    Yoga is almost universally misunderstood.
    Yoga means ‘ yoke’ , to join or unify the movements of thought that bring about the appearance of subject and object.
    Patanjali’s yoga Sutra of greatest importance is ” Yogash chitta vritti nirodhah”.
    Which means the yoking, the union of subject and object occurs when the mind is completely still, empty of all thoughts.
    All the practices of yoga and Hatha is only one branch of yoga are designed to bring about this “yoking”.
    All the thoughts you are having about yoga are the exact opposite of yoga. All the thoughts you are having are a continuation of the “Vrittis” , the endless spinning of the concepts in the mind, concepts like “balance”.
    When your mind is completely empty of all thoughts, all concepts, like ,for example ,”I need balance” , then and only then will you know “Yoga”.
    Good luck on your search, Regards, Brad.


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