Jakarta is about Family and Friends

Around 10.000 feet above the ground, my eyes fixed to the haze clouds I saw below us. Our plane almost landed to Soekarno Hatta International airport, and I can’t believe what I see.

Grey sky.

Thick clouds.

I thought, it is going to rain.

But no.

Polluted air.

Haze view.

This is the town that I used to grow up for more than 20 years. Until I left it without regret to a place where I can see better blue sky with all the white clouds in their different shape. Running to each other – without such a gloomy color.

Ah, this town is indeed full with memories – but I have no intention to going back for a long stay here.

I can see there are a lot of improvement as well in Jakarta. Better road. Perhaps better road system. Better transportation to choose. Perhaps better transportation system. But still, this city is now become a strange place for me. I don’t belong here anymore.

There is no nature here. My soul will die without nature around me.

I had a worse jetlag lately, and I decided to stay almost 2 weeks in Jakarta to recover from my Europe trip but also to figuring out what I should to do next, while in parallel I am doing some stuff at home.

But most important thing to do, it was to having a bounding time with my family, dogs and my dear friends. Ones that I always miss from Jakarta, despite all of the traffic, pollution and very crowded here that sometimes made me feel can not breathe.

I have been blessed by having so many friends that willing to gave their time to meet up and have a chit chat with met every time I come back to Jakarta. I have been so lucky because those certain people are still on my back and support me anytime I need them. The older I am, the more I realize how important to have a few people who know me well rather than thousand of followers in Social Media who only see the good side of life I have, without knowing the real me.


For me, family is so precious. So does friendship.

I have a great support from both of them, that’s the reason why I still keep being happy and feeling safe even in my daily life, I am away from them.

Moving to a new place was not easy. So did to have a small community in Ubud that I can call them as family too now. It was a hard struggle – until now, I still try to make a home wherever I am. To make a comfort home, you need another people to share your love with.

We are a social being. We can’t live without each other.

Yesterday, I met my very dear friend. We’d already became friends for more than 10 years. Indeed we also had an up and down moments as friends. She is very introvert, I am very extrovert. Well, I always surrounded by introvert people. Maybe this is the law of attraction. I admire their cool style, calm and contentment, while perhaps they admire my chatty talk, loud voice and full of expression.

I thought I lost her when we fall apart as friends once I embark my backpacking journey 3 years ago. But God loves our friendship, so He reminded her to contact me again – as I always keep her in mind and will be ready once we have a connection again.


Another good friend of mine also very introvert. Sometimes when we met, I talked a lot until she falls asleep. But that’s how I am. I think people will get confuse, when I suddenly being quiet and not talk at all – perhaps something bothering me then.

The others, also introvert, we spent hour by hour to talk face to face, and then hour by hour talk again in social media.


Sometimes, when I sit and being quiet (in a good way), I take my moment to say gratitude for all of this blessing from above in a form of family and friends.

I also see during this process, how all my nieces and nephews are growing taller than me. They are growing smart. They are growing beautifully and now, one of my niece is going to work for the first time.


While my sisters and brother also their in law family – are ones who always keep supporting me, no matter how I often hard to myself and to my dreams – stubborn like mountain goat from head to toes.

I think this is true love.

All this love that I feel day by day from people who God sent to coming on my way, to take care of me, and for me to take care of them as well.

This is the only thing I hard to leave everytime I need to fly out from Jakarta.

But I will fly away from Jakarta again tonight. To embark a new life. To settle my feet into another long journey. To enjoy my process, slowly, but I believe it’s gonna be a beautiful process (maybe hard – but diamond only shinning after got burnt, huh?).

A new process that I am looking forward to have. So many things to do to make my dreams come true.

Surrounded by rice fields, surrounding by clear blue sky, surrounded by coconut trees, surrounded by dogs – my Goreng, our Bejo and more dogs, all those lovely Bali dogs.

I will fly back to Bali tonight – a home that I am longing for to see.

Thank you Jakarta, for all the beautiful memories I have here.

Those who I missed to meet, let’s catch up in Bali (?) and those who isn’t in the pictures – don’t worry, you always in my heart and prayers ❤


I know life is never that easy, but I believe with the right attitude and right people around me, I can go through all of this while keep enjoying life.


Thank you family and friends, for all the commitments we have – to continue what we start, until the time it needs to be ended. May we meet again in a good health.

For me, Jakarta is all about family and friends.

Ubud, I am coming home.



Dea Sihotang


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