Who is Dea Sihotang?

Originally had a blood of North Sumatera, Indonesia, but raised in Jakarta, Dea has special passion about books since she was in Elementary School. Often absences from her classes in Elementary School just to sat nicely on the second-hand bookstore in Local Market and reading some books. She loves Paulo Coelho, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Comics or any kind of books that she counts can bring a positive energy to her life. She can spend many times reading and dreaming about anything she wants, especially about another country she never visit before. Starting from pages by pages she read, she tried to write her own minds into words and now become her habit.

Beside her daily life as a normal employee and a public relations student in an established university in Jakarta, she has a big passion in writing, photography and traveling. Things that interest her is about history and culture. She loves to spend time seeing a beautiful scenery, feel her feet on the beaches, trekking the mountain, go to the country side, watching local people’s life and doing a trip as much as she can and make friends along the way. For her, writing can be so addictive to do and another way to keep an history of her life while she’s gone. She decided to start this blog (over her all old post everywhere) on July 13, 2012.



    • Thanks a lot Audrey, thanks for reading my blog πŸ™‚ So glad you wanna visit Tana Toraja! I missed Nepal for sure, miss to see the Himalaya again! Wish I can go there again one day.


  1. Thanks heaps for the info sitting here at terrace restarurant as I type enjoying a bin tang. Used Hafed today and yes I was lucky enough to get the front seat

    Ian from Australia

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  2. Ian from Australia? The name sounds familiar, hehee.. Bintang is always good, isn’t it? But where did you enjoy the beer at that time btw *missing information πŸ˜‰ Cheers, Dea from Jakarta


    • Hi Dea

      I was in Tanjung Bira, and you advise on Hafeed as a driver.

      Hi like Tanjung Bira, spent 4 days and met heaps of people and your advise was excellent



      • Ahhhh.. glad you like it! And glad my article helps you πŸ™‚ I wish you can explore more the area, go drive to Ara beach, it’s so beautiful and quiet.. You can ask the local where is Ara village, and if you like silent area, you will love it there. But no one on the beach, so don’t expect they sells Bintang, lol πŸ™‚ Cheers, Dea


    • Hello Fe!
      Wahhh you already traveled a lot! So jealous hehee… When will you go to Srilanka? I hope you will like it and perhaps my blog can help you a bit πŸ™‚ All the best and safe travel.. Dea


      • Dea, nanti kalau kamu sudah setua saya..pasti terkumpul banyak juga tempat2 yang dikunjungi. Rencana Agustus ke Sri Lanka cuma seminggu, iseng2 dapet tiket murah. Ya, saya terbantu kok dengan baca2 blog Dea, ….selain juga dari Lonely Planet. Hampir sama seperti India dan dinegara negara Timur Tengah, mba kenyang dikuntit cowo lokal, padahal kan sudah tampang emak2 ya..hahaaa..resiko jalan sendiri ya begitu, tapi ga kapok2 kok..jalan terus….love Fe


  3. Dear Dea, Thank you for following my blog..
    I am following yours in return
    You have a great blog, Dea…
    Mau dong dibantu promosi ISCP buat penyelamatan burung beo di Nias.. hehe
    thanks, Dea ❀

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  4. Hi Dea,

    I just take a round on your blogspot. It’s very nice to know that you’ve ever been to Vietnam. I wanna make friend with you to have more discussion as I like travelling also. Do you have the Facebook account ? πŸ™‚

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  5. Deaaa hahhaaha baru sempet komen dan sempet follow blog kamu! salam kenal ya *di WP hihihi *wink*
    blognya keren De! *two thumbs up* gue baru mulai coba-coba nulis nih de wkwk, jauhhh banget dari lo ya.

    Kapan mampir ke sini lagi? kali aja bisa kunjungan bareng ke Wiwi di Munich :p


  6. Hallo Kak Dea. I found some positive energy on your blog. I do really love reading, anything that makes me feel satisfied enough to lose my own self, get lost, or even dive to people’s perspective.
    Nice to know you Kak.

    Warm regards.


  7. Hi , great to find your blog. I am Aussie, my wife is from Jakarta and we have just been back to travel In Indo for me, after a break of about twenty years. I first went to Indo in 1974 and travelled north from Bali through Java and Sumatra to Medan and across to Penang , that trip became a two year mostly overland trip from Australia to South Africa and back. I later lived and worked all over the Indonesia and met and married my beautiful wife.. I was a keen surfer in those days and was amongst the first to surf in Pulau Nias and later the Telo islands . I understand the fascination with this beautiful country and after our recent visit to Flores we are both keen on going back for a longer stay. Your blog is already helping us with plans for further travels next year, thank you and may you enjoy many more years of wandering around the globe, I heartily recommend this way of life to all young people, you will never regret it and you will become very world-wise if you travel extensively when you are young. Kindest regards, Brad.

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    • Thank you Bradley! I need to start write again more, too many stories during my journey!!! Flores is really a beautiful area that can be admired only by special people πŸ™‚ Wish you and your wife will have pleasant time during your time in Flores or another part of Indonesia πŸ™‚


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